Compression-type Fittings
ACFR® uses compression type fittings that are very similar to those for ACSR. The length of the dead-end clamp/splice are 1.5 times longer than those for ACSR's in general. No special tools or equipment is required. A notable difference is that a soft aluminum buffer tube, or the bottom layer of the aluminum depending on design, is used to grip the stranded carbon fiber core. The installer shall consult with the hardware manufacturer for their recommendation and installation procedures.
Thermal Rating 200°C Continuous
Compression Dead-ends
Compression Jumper Terminal
Compression Splices
Armor Grip Suspension
Armor Grip Suspension Clamp
Twin Spacer
Twin Spacer
Spacer Dumper
Spacer Dumper
Vibration Dumper
Vibration Dumper
CFCC® Core-gripping Mechanism
  • Soft aluminum buffer is used to grip the CFCC core.
  • Core-gripping buffer can be separate aluminum tube OR bottom AI layer of conductor,depending on design.
  • Installer shall consult with hardware manufacturers for recommendation on die sizes and across-flat-width after compression.
QC: across-flat-width
Dead End Clamp
Mid Span Joint