Tokyo Rope International Inc. will keep contributing to the creation of safe social infrastructure systems that will allow people around the world to enjoy rich and comfortable lives by taking full advantage of the distinguished knowledge and technologies which Tokyo Rope Mfg. has cultivated for 130 years, applying them to new materials, thus providing with Japan's best quality services and products.
  As a crucial part of our corporate group's long term vision; the pursuit of "Total Cable Technology," Tokyo Rope International will keep on putting our greatest effort into the development of social infrastructure systems around the world.
  In our corporate group's continuous pursuit of "Total Cable Technology," we have developed CFCC; a carbon fiber composite cable with numbers of notable characteristics. Taking advantage of CFCC's unique features such as low linear expansion, lightweight and high corrosion resistance, it is used as the core of HTLS transmission conductor cable with increased transmission capacity, contributing to the growth and development in various countries. At the same time, it also works as a reinforcement material for bridges, contributing to the construction of bridges that can last 100 years.
  Also, Japan is known to be subject to frequent natural disasters. Taking advantage of experience-based knowledge of Japan as one of the most disaster-resilient country, we can design and provide nature-friendly disaster prevention facilities.
  We are to fully utilize these unique advantages to keep on contributing to the creation of safer social infrastructure which can provide rich and comfortable everyday lives for all the people around the world.
  "Total Cable Technology" is our long term corporate vision as the corporate group, and at the same time, the phrase which expresses the unique strengths of the Tokyo Rope Group.
  (1) A lineup of cable manufacturing products made from a wide range of advanced materials such as ultra-high-strength steel, high-function fiber, and carbon fiber;
  (2) Various types of cable processing technology suitable for the field of use;
  (3) Combining solutions such as soundness diagnostics and engineering; and
  (4) Providing global markets the breakthrough products and services from our globally expanded bases.
Corporate name
Tokyo Rope International Inc.
2-37-28, Eitai, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-8306, Japan
President Tadahiro Mori
Board of Directors
  • President
      Tadahiro Mori
  • Vice President
      Keiichi Furihata
  • Director
      Hideyuki Asano
  • Director
      Hisashi Horiuchi
  • Director
      Koji Kitan
100 million yen
Qualified invoice issue business registration number
Dec. 1st, 2017 (Start of Business; April 2018)
Tokyo Rope Manufacturing Co., ltd
Description of Business
Manufacturing, processing, and sales of carbon fiber composite materials Designing, manufacturing, and installation and contracting of road and disaster prevention facilities. Any other legal business initiatives.


Tokyo Rope International Inc.
2-37-28, Eitai, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-8306, Japan

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Kitakami Plant
2-16, Kitakogyodanchi, Kitakami-city, Iwate-pref 024-0002, Japan
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Philippines Representative Office
11th Floor Insular Life Building, 6781 Ayala Avenue Corner Paseo De Roxas, Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati City, 1209 Philippines
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Tokyo Rope USA, Inc.

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TR Engineering LLC

Strelna, Svyazi st., building 2/1, St.Petersburg, 198515, Russia
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Tokyo Rope Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

2-37-28, Eitai, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-8306, Japan
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Tokyo Seiko Rope MFG. Co., Ltd.

1-1 Nakamura, Toyookacho, Gamagori-city, Aichi 443-0011
Phone: +81-533-68-3151
Production and distribution of fiber net
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Nippon Tokushu Goukin MFG Co., Ltd.

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Production and distribution of powder metal products
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