ACFR® Installation Training / Field Support Program
Proper installation methods are a key factor to ensure the optimal durability of conductors. Although ACFR® conductors use standard installation methods (such as IEEE524) and compression type fittings that are quite similar to conventional ACSR, they require use of some cautions and training to ensure quality installation. Our experts can train installation crews and provide onsite assistance and supervision during installation to deliver best practice information regarding installation methods and equipment and to validate trainees understanding of installation requirement.

ACFR® installation training program is delivered by ACFR Certified Installation Experts and covers scope-specific safety and quality control aspects that are unique to ACFR conductor and associated hardware. Installation training program consists of:

  • In-class lecture – Instructor presents the basic principles of the ACFR® Installation guidelines and common handling mistakes to be avoided in pictures and illustrations. The classroom presentation includes a graphics-only quiz. Each trainee will also receive a hard copy of the Installation Guidelines covering the following table including maintenance and repair.
  • Practical hardware assembly – the class practices actual assembly of dead-ends and splices from conductor measuring, cutting, and preparation to compression and proper handling techniques.
  • Equipment Readiness Review – The Instructor and trainees inspect the critical tooling and equipment available on the jobsite and verify compliance with the Guidelines and Critical Equipment List for the subject conductor size and its configuration.
  • On the Job Training (OJT). The instructor observes, advises, and provides technical assistance and further instruction for the first few pulls or sections, for up to 7-10days. OJT ends when the instructor judges that the class is conducting the installation according to the Installation Guidelines. Upon conclusion of the OJT, Certificates is issued. A new installation company or crew must be properly instructed and undergo training prior to joining the installation team.
  • ACFR Installation guideline: